Parris Chariz is one of the brightest rising artists in Christian rap. A previous Rapzilla Freshmen, and a heavily featured on projects artist, he has made a name for himself. Parris is now hoping to bring that buzz with his own artist. Today the debut project for the newest signee to Chariz’s World45 is here – Nelo.

In the below Q & A, Parris talks about his plans with the label and the signing of Nelo. Then after that, Nelo does a Q & A and shares his thoughts.

You are launching World 45. Is it a collective or label and what’s the meaning behind the name?

Yes. Right now I’m focused on us being a collective. While we are all still growing, I just want to make sure they have knowledge I’m gaining as it comes in. I’m not into taking any money from anyone I’m not actually putting money into at the moment. This is about helping to bring fluidity to our overall goal! The meaning is nothing more than my old apartment number. We grew as a family, as brothers, as businessmen, and, most importantly, we all grew in God. In one way or another, we were all depressed, and that apartment was like our own personal getaway, our own world. So after just silently observing how we were moving and how organic it was, I prayed about it then brought it up, everyone was on board, and from there we began moving accordingly.

Why really launch World 45 now, and how long has it been in the works?

Well, technically it’s been launched since my 2018 Album In My Weakness and M.C.’s 2019 release This Life Bro. I think it’s different with Nelo because he’s literally a new artist. With him, I wanted to truly act as an executive for him to just use the things I’ve learned about releasing music and pushing music and just guide him. Just giving him the game piece by piece and allowing him to pursue a career on his own.

Obviously, once we’re at a place where we can actually put real money behind these artists it will look different. Right now being at ground level I want my guys to know the game before the money comes because then we’ll be well-versed in where to put our money and how to utilize it to get maximum gain. Not making decisions based on making the most money right now, because that’s going to come. Prayerfully.

What do you feel you can bring to artists coming up through the imprint and how does your focus change now being an artist and owner?

I feel I can just bring them a fresh perspective, different ways to approach their careers and maximize their platform at every level. Right now where I’m at and where they are, my job is to give wise and Godly counsel and, to the best of my ability, use the resources I have gained to expedite what God has for them. All I can do is show them the door I went through. It’s up to them to hear God, to know what door God wants them to go through. And that’s without money and it’ll be the same once the money is involved.

As far as my focus having to change, I just have to wear different hats at inconvenient times and be okay with that because it’s what I asked for. I’m not gone lie, it gets tough cause I love my space and privacy, but they stretch me and help me be a better leader by understanding my position, which helps. But in the end, it’s very rewarding seeing things come together and seeing the upside of what God can do with us. It’s just about understanding it’s not always about me and my feelings. Simple.

What is your expectation for World 45 moving forward?

To be honest with you, just thinking about it makes me nervous, but us being a staple in the community. I see us helping a number of artists and bringing millions of people to the feet of God through music and devotion.

It gets scary because for a man with no long spiritual resume I have to allow God to use me in ways I never imagined. World 45 is like a flower in seed form. Right now we in the pot, and we have to make sure it has the right amount of light, the right amount of water, and care to blossom at its fullest potential. I believe we have what it takes to do so, but we have to continue to grow and be on the same page with each other and, most importantly, let God be our source and focus. I feel like if we can do that with the quality of our art and diversity we will be unstoppable in the next three years without a doubt.”

Who is Slick Demone?

Slick Demone is a singer/songwriter. He’s the softer and sweeter side of me, Young Slick is edgy, too cool, witty. Slick Demone is the R&B side (laughing). I really just like having hella nicknames to go by. I like keeping it fresh.

Anything else to add?

Nelo’s album is incredible, I’m excited for you guys to hear his heart and soul in rhythm form. He’s ready to share more and we’re ready to take on the obstacles in front of us to reach what God has planned for us. We have many more releases coming this year, but we want you guys to show love and be honest with our freshest and newest artist. World 45 is here for the long haul, we want yall to grow with us, learn about us, and we want to be as open as possible with everyone who wants to listen. Love!

The below interview is with Chariz’s new artist Nelo. His new music video, “Black Rain” featuring Parris Chariz is above. His debut project, Riptide is below.

You are new to the CHH audience. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your style, motivation?

My name is Nelo. Originally from Crowley, Louisiana, though I spent most of my childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I currently reside. My music is something I feel brings a different frequency to CHH. The same message just packaged in my own way. As far as my motivation, it’s simply to use my music to relate to, uplift, enlighten, and encourage others. That’s really all it is for me. Music has been a major part of my life since I was a kid. It’s always been imprinted on my heart, and I would hope that my music will leave a print on other people’s hearts. Hopefully, through my transparency and openness about my life’s highs, lows, and experiences, I can relay the message that, through it all, God is faithful.

How did you link up with Parris?

Well, me and P really developed a relationship in college. We were both playing college ball here in Oklahoma. In my freshman year I came in, and, to be honest, we just clicked. I really can’t even say how we became family. It just kind of happened. People always got us confused, said we looked alike, that we were brothers, and that’s really how it felt. He took me under his wing, and it’s been a big brother, little brother relationship since. So it’s only right that we both had a heart for music. From freestyles on team road trips way back in college to working together in 2016, from being roommates to my new project Riptide. Here we are. That’s my blood, my brother, my kin.

You are on World 45. What opportunity does this afford you that you didn’t have before?

First off let me say that the most important and best part about being on WORLD45 is that I get to make music, live life, grow and expand with my brothers. We are all family and that’s the greatest part about it. That being said, being on 45 has opened many doors and countless opportunities for me as far as production and creative minds to connections throughout the CHH world and music industry in general. Take for instance this Q&A for example. This is a prime example of an opportunity I get due to being apart of WORLD45 that I didn’t have before.

Releasing music in 2016 before 45 was a thing, was hard. It wasn’t hard because of the music but because of the lack of knowledge, wisdom, and brainpower as far as how the business works and everything that goes into releasing, branding, and getting you and your music exposure. Add that with not having an established name or any credentials I literally felt l was stopped before I could get started.

So that’s just one example. From creatives, artists, graphic designers, engineers, photographers. WORLD45 has given me access to everything I needed. Let me say this again though. The most important and best part is that 45 is a family.

What are your immediate and long term goals?

As far as goals I mean I would like to see my project do well and gain exposure of course. I would love to see the streams go way up etc. Most importantly it goes back to what I said earlier though. It’s my prayer and heart’s desire that my music would leave a print on people’s hearts. I hope that it is something people can relate to, as far as my feelings, emotions, and experiences. Also, I hope that it will encourage, bring good vibes, good energy, and high vibrations to people’s lives. As far as long term I just want to go as far with it as God takes me. However far that is I’m all the way with it. There’s always personal ambitions of course but I try not to get lost in all that. I’m just following orders.

Tell us about your music and the latest release.

So my new project Riptide just dropped. It is available on all major music outlets. Pretty much Riptide is a just collection of moments in time from my life pieced together for the listener. From relationships to greed, from free-flowing good vibes to heartbreak, and from grace to motivation. There’s much to be unpacked in this project. I titled it Riptide because that’s how I view life in a sense. Let me explain by giving you the definition of Riptide.

A riptide, or rip current is a long, narrow band of water that quickly pulls any objects in it away from the shore and out to sea. They are dangerous but are fairly easy to escape if you stay calm. The biggest thing to remember is to not struggle against the current.

So I won’t go in-depth but let’s just say God is the shore and the riptides are life. Life’s lows, valleys, pits, trials, and tests. Your failures, fears, doubts, and scars. Now reread the definition and let that sink in. The main thing to remember is if you get lost in the current, DO NOT PANIC. God got you. Stay wavy, love.

Listen to Nelo Below: