Christian rap artist Nate McGahee released a new EP called All Things Considered, Pt. 2 which is written and produced by Nate McGahee. This new project is the second installment in the EP series.

All Things Considered, Pt 2 contains lyrical heavy tracks that stir the heart and move your spirit! The three (3) track EP is the perfect appetizer for the full album due out later this year. The song “I’m not where you left me” is the powerful anchor to this awesome project.

Nate personally wants to “bring a sense of urgency to step out of your comfort zone and grow towards excellence.”

He continued, “I was stuck inside of toxic habits and I finally realized that serving an excellent God should inspire me to master my craft and be excellent at the things I do. We can become different people in a matter of a year. What will you look like a year from now? How will you grow towards excellence while glorifying an incredible God?”

Listen to Nate McGahee Below: