Christian rap veteran and Die Daily member from out of San Diego Gerry Skrillz is back in 2020. His first single of the year is strong. “Ain’t It” features the vocal talents of Rockstar JT and hype from DJ DB405. The beat is produced by Poetics.

“‘Ain’t It’ by Gerry Skrillz is an acclamation of how grateful we are of God’s unmatched love for us,” explained Skrillz. “I wanted to give the streets an anthem. I wanted to give God’s children an anthem so that we may be able to remind to see ourselves once again as His children.”

With every release, Skrillz gets better and better and this is one of his best collaborations yet. The hook is certainly the anthem he’s looking for as he sings:

Counting all these blessings, screaming mama I made it /

A lot of rough edges, but I’m still His favorite /

Pour a lil liquor for the ones that didn’t make it /

God’s love is good, let His children say ain’t it

Then, 2018 Rapzilla Freshmen and newly signed to RMG Amplify rapper Rockstar JT comes in and laces his verse with finesse. He proves why he’s one of the hottest up and comers in CHH right now.

Listen to Gerry Skrillz Below:

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