Fern was recently on an episode of the Survival of the Artist Podcast where he spoke about his entire career. Most of the discussion focused on his career before Social Club Misfits. In the late 90s, early 00s, he was a budding Latin hip-hop artist making major moves in Miami.

He even revealed that he was doing radio commercials and jingles. One of the biggest ones he did was of a Spanish ad for Starburst in 1998. (Tried really hard to find it, could now).

“I started getting my foot in the industry…I would write jingles for this DJ.” The DJ would give him all the facts, Fern would pick the beats, and then he’d create a song to be played during the show.

His friends would “hit my beeper” when they heard his commercials at night.

“That commercial [Starburst] played for 13 weeks all over the East coast…He paid me like $1200 for it.”

At the time he was going by the name Fern Rock.

Listen to him explain this starting at the eight-minute mark.

Later on in the interview, Fern spoke about the music he was creating when he got signed in the mid-00s. He was part of a Latino bilingual collective called the Syndicate.

Listen to Fern below: