Independent New Jersey artist and formerly one half of TheKnuBlack, Kay Sade, has teamed up with Canadian rapper Dru Bex, formerly of Role Model Records and RMG Amplify, to announce a joint album dropping this summer.

The album, entitled UFO TOFU will highlight both artists’ unique styles and creativity as well as showcase Kay Sade’s production on a number of tracks. Other producers featured are French producer Randy Mb, who produced the lead single off the project “NEVER ODD OR EVEN,” as well as Terminal Beats and Jaae Kash.

Regarding the title of the project, Dru explains…”I knew that if me and (Kay Sade) were going to do a project, it had to be something super creative. I had this idea for a while now to do an album where every song title was a palindrome, meaning it reads the same way frontways and backways, and once Kay was on board, we agreed that the title of the album would also be a palindrome. After some brainstorming, we landed on UFO TOFU because we felt there was a message there.”

Dru continues to explain that the UFO part of the title reflects the fact that “we are not of this world” and the TOFU part reflects the fact that “we are presenting an alternative to the people who want something other than the unhealthy content that they have been constantly consuming.”

Listen to Dru Bex and Kay Sade Below: