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Christian Rap & Art: The Creative Designers Holding It Down For The Culture

Christian Rap & Art: The Creative Designers Holding It Down For The Culture

Music and art go hand in hand as they both serve useful purposes for each other. A good cover art/design can move people to listen to your song/album and vice versa. That’s more reason so many artists nowadays put more effort in ensuring their cover designs are as good as the music they are putting out. Just as the phrase says; ”a picture can mean a thousand words,” such is the case of designs as they help to put an image in the mind of music listeners. It truly goes a long way.

In CHH, there are a few creative known for working with Christian rap artists in promoting their songs through cover art/designs. Just as a producer and a mixing engineer is as important in making a song a success, the designers also have a huge role to play. 

Check out few creative designers holding it down so far

Alex Medina

Alex Medina is a popular name in the Christian rap creative industry and this is as a result of many works he has done for several music artists including Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB, Wordsplayed, GAWVI, Beam, Social Club Misfits etc. 

Alex Medina also doubles as a music producer and has created music with Reach Records artists Lecrae and Andy Mineo.

Jeremiah Bligen

Jeremiah is a Christian hip hop artist under the NFTRY and beyond that, he is also a creative artist. Jeremiah Bligen has been involved in designing several track covers for many of the NFTRY artists such as Eshon Burgundy, THRE, Tone Spain, and Jay Cabassa. 

Kevin Hackett

Kevin Hackett has been a favorite of many artists with the awesome designs he makes for their song covers. After a few years of working as an artist in the Christian hip hop space, he announced he’s working with Reach Records as a designer which is a big win for him. 

He has created arts for KB, Kaleb Mitchell, nobigdyl., and Reach Records artists including GAWVI and WHATUPRG. 

See his works on his IG page here

Cassandra Jolie

Cassandra has great skills and is making good art. She is also a photographer and has made nice artistic pieces for several artists like GAWVI, Social Club Misfits, Aklsso, Byron Juane, Aha Gazelle, Thomas Iannucci, Danielle Apicella, and DJ Standout. 

See her works on her IG page here

116 Fan Art

Katelyn Chill is the brain behind 116 Fan Art, her caricature designs of different Christian rap artists has been used and featured by many. Katelyn pays attention to details while creating a particular design that keeps one in awe which makes a difference in many of her works. 

See her works on her IG page here.


Rjv Collectives

When it comes to cartoon images of music artists, Rjv Collectives is a favorite amongst many designers. He’s the brain behind the Reach Records GIF image on Instagram and has even made several designs for many hip hop heads such as nobigdyl., Kevi Morse, KB, Beacon Light, Jered Sanders, Steven Malcolm, DJ Mykael V, and so many more. 

See his works on his IG page here



Nigerian artist/singer Angeloh is also on this list with the different artworks he has created for several artists. Coming to the design space fully, Angeloh has been able to work with over 20 acts in the making of their cover art for songs and even albums. His ability to make a precise cartoon picture of artists and send messages through his art has placed him top in the game. He has designed cover art for Shopé, Bouqui, Limoblaze, Protek, Nolly, Defayo, Paul Rarity, and King Brandon.

See his works on his IG page here.

Oba Reengy

Dotun Oba Reengy is another Nigerian doing the country proud with his creativity when it comes to designs. Oba Reengy who doubles as a rapper and singer has been into design for over 4 years and has made countless designs for many Christian artists in Nigeria. His simplicity in much of his work can’t be compared to any other. The album cover design he made for his 2017 project Lead EP remains a huge favorite. 

Worthy mentions – Zxmbiac, Kaitlyn Joe, and WHATUPRG who has done design in addition to music having created Ty Brasel’s album art for The Divine Storm.

Let us know who your favorite designer or creative in Christian rap is!



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