Bruce Springsteen once said, “I do a lot of curiosity buying; I buy it if I like the album cover, I buy it if I like the name of the band, anything that sparks my imagination.” A lot has changed since the ’80s including the landscape of art and music.

This article is part 2 of “Christian Rap & Art: The Creative Designers Holding It Down For The Culture.” If digital design is like painting where the paint never dries, there are some graphic designers who have the drip.


Zxmbiac has had one heck of an impact within our CHH genre. He has created artwork for many artists including Corey Paul, Derek Minor, Tony Tillman, Social Club Misfits, Ty Brasel, Gerry Skrillz, Ruslan, and most notably Latina phenom Angie Rose.

Zxmbiac doubles as the Art Director + CEO of Legendari which is a clothing line and LEGENDARICAUSE which is a not for profit.

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Eric Flacko is an unsung hero within CHH. Ushering in a style that is completely his own, Eric is credited for creating for artists such as Hulvey, Shepherd, Joey Vantes, KB, Ty Brasel, OB, Eric Heron, nobigdyl., and Byron Juane. Eric has even gained the attention of superstar Chris Brown who shouted him out for his amazing skillset on social media.

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Kaela Creates is an incredible artist who has been gaining notoriety from her unique art style. She has been the mastermind behind Chris Massey, Culture Villains, Rockstar JT, Seni, Jxhn Pvul, R-Swift, and Bachi.

“What drives me is my passion,” Kaela says, “I have a desire to push my boundaries and tap into other areas of art my mind hasn’t accessed yet. It’s like a treasure hunt for me.”

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I have been following Edwin Cuen for some time now. I found him one day on Instagram’s Explore page and I was immediately blown away by his talent. After watching him for a while I realized how young he was and was only more encouraged by his gifts.

Some of you all may have seen his name floating around the Reach Records camp after they chose to showcase his design for their 116 limited shirt club. He has also created for Social Club Misfits, Ty Brasel, Native Supply, Saints Church (Pastor Chris Durso), Aaron Cole, Hillsong Worship, Trey Kennedy, and GAWVI.

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For the last entry I chose to highlight my design company Michael Nicole Creatives. Many of you know me as Hector Dominguez (fka Witness) but what many of you may not have known is that I am also a graphic designer.

I named my company Michael Nicole after my son’s and father’s middle name and my wife’s and daughter’s middle name.

I have had the honor of creating album artwork and merch for many in CHH. God Over Money, Menace Movement, indie tribe, DJ Mykael V, Dillon Chase, OB, MPAX, Kevi Morse, and many more.

Outside of CHH I have also helped create for clothing brands within our space like FRGVN, OUTSIDERS, and WE Society (S/O Kareem). Last year the WNBA released a commercial that had one of my shirt designs peppered through it.

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Rapzilla did their best with the last article and I just wanted to add more to the incredible list they created. It would be foolish to think that their list was an all-encompassing or definitive list. This is only part 2. I am sure there will be many more after this.

I wanted to write this article for two reasons. The first reason is to showcase other artists who I feel contribute a lot to the culture but don’t really get the recognition they deserve. There are a number of artists out there that have done great things but go unnoticed, so I wanted to encourage them to keep grinding. A lot of times when lists like these are created a lot of people feel slighted or don’t agree and that’s where reason number two comes in. The second reason I wrote this was to announce my new Instagram Live Show called THE CREATIVE BLOCK.

Every Friday night at 7 pm CST I will be going live on the Michael Nicole Creatives IG page with a different graphic designer. We are going to be diving deep with every interview and sharing gems we all wish we would have known earlier in our careers. We will be discussing the highs and lows and how our hope is what has been pushing us to persevere. The first episode is March 29, 2020.