After the acclaim and success of the movie Canal Street, the potentially award-winning soundtrack is out now. You will see familiar faces such as Hollyn, No Malice, and Tauren Wells amongst a sea of other writers, producers, and contributors.

Canal Street Soundtrack Track Listing:

1. “Do It” by Bri Babineaux & Hollyn
Written by Rosemarie Tan & Amir Windom
Produced by Kevin “Khao” Cates

2. “Lift Me” Up by Tauren Wells (feat. Davies)
Written by Tauren Wells & Jordan Sapp
Produced by Jordan Sapp

3. “Horizon” by Alex Isley
Written & Produced by Alex Isley

4. “Can’t Move” by Headkrack & No Malice
Written by Jonavan Stephens, L. Raynel Ruffin, Gene Elliott Thornton, Jr.
Produced by AQV Music Production

5. “Right Where You Are” by Malia
Written by Rosemarie Tan
Produced by Taylor Dexter

6. “Connect” by Reed Shannon
Written by Nyerere Davidson, Reed Shannon & Amir Windom
Produced by Chris -N- Teeb

7. “Caught Up” by Lxrd Rossi
Written by Brandon Rossi
Produced by DJ Blakk

8. “Blues Clues” by Madisyn Elise
Written by Madisyn Elise
Produced by Quantrez D. Williams, Daniel Faber, Ernest Robinson and Robert Kenner,

9. “Listen To The Rain” by The Foreign Exchange
Written by Phonte Coleman, Nicolas Rook, Lorenzo Ferguson
Produced by Phonte Coleman, Nicolas Rook, Lorenzo Ferguson

10. “No Peace” by Luke Gawne (feat. Morgan McCrae)
Written by Jeff Blue, Luke Gawne, Abe Dertner, Morgan McRae
Produced by Jeff Blue & Abe Dertner

11. “Not Sorry” by TiDus
Written & Produced by TiDus

12. “By Your Side” by Rosemarie Tan
Written by Rosemarie Tan & Annaliese Schiersch
Produced by Annaliese Schiersch

13. “Stronger Together” by Kenny Lattimore
Written by Kenny Lattimore & Aaron Lindsey
Produced by Aaron Lindsey

14. “FRC” by Keith Brown
Written & Composed by Keith Brown
Performed by Keith Brown, Terreon Gully, Jamel Mitchell, Kenneth Whalum III, Clint
Mullican, Vance Thompson

Listen to the Canal Street Soundtrack Below:

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