“Great” is a follow-up to the previous CABREJA single titled “IDMWY!” which dropped mid-2019. Since August of 2019, CABREJA hasn’t released a single record, but makes a GREAT comeback with this smooth, hip-hop track.

“Great” is CABREJA’s 3rd release under this new stage name; previously he released music under his legal name, Jeff Cabreja. CABREJA is currently working on a EP project set to release 2020 that will go hand-in-hand with the launch of a clothing brand called “Live Forever.”

Being CABREJA’s first release of 2020, he promises listeners and fans that there’s much more in store for the rest of the year. He’s lined up a few singles and EP’s set to release along the rest of this year. With a diverse skillset, CABREJA’s sound has tweaked into a refined blend creating hit-worthy tracks one after another.

From the Artist:

“Great” is a record that means so much to me… not only because it’s the first track I’ve dropped in what seems like forever or because everything down to the beat was made by me, but because this song holds such an important, and deep meaning behind it. You can hear it for yourself, but I hope this song is one that resonates with every individual who listens to it, and brings a sense of inspiration, motivation, and worth to oneself. My personal experiences may not be your personal experiences, but this song is meant to be a catalyst for everything that is great in you. Hold on to your talents and the knowledge you’ve gained over the years and let it drive you to success… Go be great!”

Listen to CABREJA Below:

You can stream/buy “Great” here.