Following the wave of success with his debut single, “Wodie,” Miami’s own, Aklesso releases his Miami infused sounding new song, “Ayy 3x.” The song was produced by Grammy-nominated producer, GAWVI, and is the second single released by the artist this year.

“In a time where sadness and anxiety grip the entire world, ‘AYY 3x’ is a song dedicated to making people smile. An upbeat record that would make the most rhythmically challenged person dance, ‘AYY 3x’ is far from your typical dance record. From Aklesso’s pitched voice reminiscent of South Florida’s dance scene to a hook that relates to all humanity in this dire situation, ‘AYY 3x’ reminds us that the gift of music can still give us hope in the darkest times.”

Aklesso has previously released “Wodie,” also produced by Grammy-nominated producer, GAWVI.

Listen to Aklesso Below: