Last year was one for the books for the Horsemen known as A. Ward. The Kansas City representative has become one of the prolific pens in the battle culture today, providing top tier material for every one of the 12 opponents he clashed with, regardless of their notoriety or lack thereof. For that reason, alongside many others, King Of The Dot has awarded A. Ward as the Battler Of The Year for 2019.

In 2019, Ward had battled some of the biggest names in battle rap, racking up victories and creating classics along the way. Chef Trez? Dragged him out of Hell’s Kitchen. Carter Deems? Dropped bombs in his kitty litter. Madflex? Took him to yoga class. Killashiz? That was a snuff film. He’s forced legends to bring their A-game, with Charron providing his BEST performances in years against Ward. In the midst of writing for all these battles and traveling across the country, he was also planning a wedding, tying the knot with Mrs. Rebuttal Game Crazy this past November before battling Illmac in what many have called his toughest battle to date.

The year of 2019 was certainly a memorable one for A. Ward and his BOTY acknowledge is a huge win for The Horsemen camp, but it also provides encouragement to those believers who are just entering the battle culture.

Looking back at 2013’s Rapzilla’s 16 Bar Challenge you could see the hunger in the eyes of those who would soon form the IV Horseman group. These four brothers have raised the bar, kicking in the proverbial door that early Christian battlers like Isaac Knox, Mr. Biscuit, and 3PFD cracked open years prior, and raised the banner of Christ higher than its ever been in the culture.

So what’s next for A. Ward? Hopefully, he can work out a “Deal” for this “Chain” he’s been eyeing for a while. Until then, check out his award video and his recently released clash with West Coast veteran and part-time Ninja Turtle impersonator Danny Myers!

Check out both videos below and remember…God is good, ALL THE TIME!!

2019 KOTD Battler Of The Year:

A. Ward vs. Danny Myers: