Oh snididap! Tell ya aunty to hold on to her prayer cap! The Godzilla vs King Kong of Gospel music is going down this Sunday, March 31st at 5 PM. Captain Kirk Franklin will step into Verzuz ring to take on Fabulous Fred Hammond in the first-ever Healing Verzuz hosted by the one and only Bishop T.D. Jakes! So get ready! Get Ready! Get ready for an experience of praise and worship that will help ease our troubled souls.

Last month we witnessed Pastors John P. Kee and Hezekiah Walker celebrated their classic catalogs in a Verzuz battle that brought everybody mama back to their glory days. This go around you can expect these two legendary artists to go to make war with their worship against the spirit of wickedness that has slithered its way into the cracks in our country’s foundation.

With the current climate of our nation due to the recent death of George Floyd this week, this battle between the two Gospel heavyweights is one that we all need. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, and with this upcoming Verzuz battle we can be sure that both parties will be tag-teaming to drop the People’s Elbow of Praise on the devil, with worship that will open up the Heavens and enter into the Shekinah Glory. Our nation is in need of healing and the Balm of Gilead is just what the doctor ordered.

I for one am really looking forward to this Verzuz battle, however, if Fred pulls “Running Back To You”out that Commissioned bag? Somebody gonna have to pick me up off the floor…you’ve been warned.

Check out the announcement video below