I’m sooo stoked to share this list of Christian rap artists with you this month. All of these artists are complete FIRE! Please don’t sleep, it’s the sole purpose of me writing this.

Reggie Rocc

Reggie has that straight-up East Coast vibe to his music. His newest project, DOPE has a lot of boom-bap, some chipmunk soul samples, and some really nice bars sprinkled in. Not only can this minister rap, but he’s also got his own clothing line. Check him out on Spotify or watch his newest video:


Jasxn’s track Ptrpn was one of my favorites of 2019, and he just put out a new album BRXXKS last week. His sound is very modern with banging melodies touching on emotional concepts, but he can also spit flames. He’s one of my favorites to listen to because of his versatility. Check out his Spotify or peep his newest video here:

Young C

Young C, from Southern California, has been on my list of “have you heard of” for a couple of years now. He just dropped It Is Finished a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t disappoint. Young C kinda reminds me of J. Cole a little, maybe it’s the rasp he has in his voice. More importantly, all of Young C’s packaging – the artwork, the music, and the lyrics just take you to church. Follow him on Spotify or whet your appetite with his newest video here:

Blake Whiteley

Blake is someone who wasn’t on my radar until this year, but he’s definitely someone worth listening to. He’s from the midwest, and I tend to dig his songs that are on that NF tip. While his tour with Seventh Day Slumber and Stars Go Dim was just canceled, he still has a new album dropping soon. Check him out on Spotify or watch the new video here:

Travis & The Ghost

Formerly known as Doc Jones, Travis has been on the scene in Las Vegas for quite a while. He’s currently taken it upon himself to release 1 song every week for all 52 weeks of this year. Follow him on socials @travisandtheghost to stay up on #52Tuesdays, and watch his creativity jump at you through the screen. He’s got reggae, EDM, and acoustic vibes in his tool belt and it’s been terrific trying to predict what he will come up with next! Here’s his Spotify and here’s his newest video:

Let us know which of these Christian rap artists you are discovering for the first time! Who else is someone we should check out?