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15 Christian Rap Albums that Turn 10 Years Old in 2020

15 Christian Rap Albums that Turn 10 Years Old in 2020

Christian Rap has come a long way since 2010. During that year, Derek Minor was still Pro, DJ Official was alive and well with Reach Records, and the Unashamed Movement was blossoming. While 2010 was a relatively quiet year for releases, there were a few notable ones.

DJ Official – Entermission

This is the only album the deceased DJ released. Official gathered the biggest upcoming names in CHH at the time with Lecrae, Flame, and Sho Baraka. RIP DJ Official.

Notable Tracks: “Show Off,” Get Busy,” and “On My 116”

Listen Here.

PRo – Redemption

Now known as Derek Minor, this is one of the three albums he released under his former alias. As the album title suggests, this album is all about the death of Christ and our salvation. This release was right before his biggest album as PRo, Dying to Live.

Notable Tracks: “God,” “Clear the Air,” and “Fight Music”

Listen Here. 

Trip Lee – Between Two Worlds

Spending one week in the #1 spot on the Top Christian Album Billboard, Between Two Worlds is the first CHH album to reach that spot. The album beat out MercyMe’s The Generous Mr. Lovewell, which held the #1 spot for 7 weeks. It was also nominated for a Dove Award.

Notable Tracks: “The Invasion (Hero),” “Snitch,” and “No Worries”

Listen here.

Rhema Soul – Fingerprints

With the members Konata Small, JuanLove, and Butta-P, this is the third album in Rhema Soul’s five-album catalog. While this isn’t one of their biggest albums, this set them up for the success of their next album, Red.

Notable Tracks: “Boom Box,” “Neva Lay Low,” and “I Hope”

Listen here.

FLAME – Captured

Arguably one of his best albums, FLAME dropped this classic album in 2010! This album was also his first on Clear Sight Music. Captured also spent one week at #1 on the Top Gospel Album Billboard.

Notable Tracks: “Surrender,” “Move,” and “Tonight (All of Me)”

Listen here. 

Sho Baraka – Lions and Liars

While this isn’t one of Sho’s most famous albums, Lions and Liars still has the same mastery he puts into all his projects. This record is the last album Baraka released while with Reach Records.

Notable Tracks: “Extinction Intro,” “Revolutionary Died,” and “Shut Us Down”

Listen here.

Json – City Lights

Not much to say about this album! City Lights is the third album released by the CHH veteran. The St. Louis native hosts many Christian rap veterans on this album, including This’l and R-Swift.

Notable Tracks: “City Lights,” “Parent Me,” and “Crank It Up”

Listen here.

Lecrae – Rehab

The follow-up to his album Rebel, Rehab is just as big of a hit. Hitting #1 on the Top Gospel Albums Billboard for 13 weeks and one week on the Top Christian Album Billboard. This album is also home to one of Lecrae’s staple songs, “Background” featuring a young C-Lite who would later become Andy Mineo.

Notable Tracks: “Background,” “Just Like You,” and “God Is Enough”

Listen here.

Canton Jones – Kingdom Business 3

The third in the five-album series, Kingdom Business 3 is a 20 track project that generally encapsulates what CHH was about back in 2010. What’s crazy about this project is that all but one song on this album features at least one artist!

Notable Tracks: “Necessary,” “Explode,” and “I’m Prayin'”

Listen here.

Wit & Dre Murray – Hell’s Paradise

In a time where people were trying to copy each other, Hell’s Paradise stood out at that time as a creative masterpiece. This 23-track project though is just a stepping stone for the arguably better second installment of the duo. Download Hell’s Paradise II: The Mask Parade here!

Notable Tracks: “Take It Away,” “Empty Spaces,” and “Stomp”

Listen here.

K-Drama – For The Longest Time

Out of the plethora of music K-Drama has published, For The Longest Time is one of his first albums. Based on the Billy Joel song, this mixtape is a combination of K-Drama’s creative producing and quirky lyrics. Explained in his first song, For The Longest Time contains songs that, at the time, his fans were waiting for him to drop.

Notable Tracks: “For The Longest Time,” “Happy Happy Joy Joy,” and “Where Did Time Go”

Listen here.

Kadence – Going In

After strictly being a producer and engineer for Exodus Movement, Kadence decided to release his own album in 2010. The Co-founder of the Die Daily Collective, Kadence’s producing is on point in this album!

Notable Tracks: “Bangin” and “15’s”

Listen here. 

Sevin – Finally Home

Finally Home by Sevin contains what the rest of his music revolves around: becoming saved from God from a thug’s life. This album is in the middle of the now-retired artist’s musical career.

Notable Tracks: “Dem Don Kno Me,” “Safest Place,” and “I Need Tha Gospel”

Listen here.

Braille – Weapon Aid

Braille brought his 90s boom-bap influences to this album! Weapon Aid was Braille’s predecessor to his more notable and final album, Native Lungs. There are no features on the entire album.

Notable Tracks: “Give Myself,” “Resurrect Me,” and “Up”

Listen here.

Pettidee – Race To Nowhere

This album was the last project before Pettidee took a nine-year hiatus from dropping music. A vehicle theme is laced all throughout this album, with Pettidee using his gruff vocals alongside the roar of engines. This Christian Rap veteran is back now though, so make sure to check out his more classic works such as this one!

Notable Tracks: “The Ghetto,” “My Trunk Bangin,” and “Freeze”

Listen here.

Those are 15 Christian Rap albums from 2010! Which ones are your favorites? Make sure to look out for more album anniversaries here on Rapzilla!


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