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15 Albums that Turn 15 Years Old in 2020

15 Albums that Turn 15 Years Old in 2020

Welcome to 2005, when George W. Bush was president, YouTube put out its first video on the Internet, and Hurricane Katrina hit the southern U.S. There were also some amazing Christian Rap albums put out that year that are now 15 years old! Below are 15 of them.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. – The Faith

His second published album, this is Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s follow-up to his freshmen album, Moment of Truth. This album is as strong, if not stronger than his first album!

Notable Tracks: “Our World,” “Incredible Christian,” and “The Portrait”

Listen here.

Ohmega Watts – The Find

The Find is Watts’ first album. While the CHH veteran has mainly worked with other artists in his career, he brought everything he learned to this album! Watts pulls a lot of his inspiration from 90s rap, which you can hear in this album.

Notable Tracks: “Where It All Started,” “Full Swing,” and “Move”

Listen here.

DJ Maj – Boogiroot

For those who don’t know, DJ Maj is Tobymac’s DJ. In 2005, he decided to pull out his rhymes and DJ skills and put them all toward this album. This album also features many 2005 big-name artists like L.A. Symphony, Tobymac, and Manchild. Michael Tait also appears a couple of times!

Notable Tracks: “uAPPEAL,” “Boogiroot,” and “Love (So Beautiful)”

Listen here.

Flame – Rewind

His second studio album, Rewind was Flame’s follow-up album to Our World: Fallen. While this isn’t Flame’s best project, this project shows the sound and attitude of the next generation of CHH and Cross Movement in 2005.

Notable Tracks: “No Silence,” “Give Us The Truth Pt. 2,” and “Let’s Go”

Listen here.

John Reuben – The Boy vs the Cynic

The Gotee Records signee released his fifth album in 2005. This album contains some of his most famous songs and captures the rap/rock sound many rappers in the time harnessed.

Notable Tracks: “Out of Control,” “Nuisance,” and “All I Have”

Listen here. 

Json – The Seasoning

This was Json’s debut album. The Seasoning is the first of seven albums Json has published so far. The album’s main theme is addressing that sin is humanity’s main problem and everyone has sin.

Notable Tracks: “Dig Deep,” “Take A Look,” and “A-Yo”

Listen here. 

KJ-52 – Behind the Musik

Home of “Fivetweezy,” this album is about as KJ as you can get. There are the quirky songs like “Plain White Rapper,” the rap/rock fusion of “Are You Real?,” and an in-depth look into God in “God” featuring Rebbeca St. James.

Notable Tracks: “Fivetweezy,” “Plain White Rapper,” and “Are You Real?”

Listen here.

Timothy Brindle – Killing Sin

We’ve seen a wide range of CHH in 2005. Timothy Brindle’s Killing Sin is a monument of the violent attitude toward the Devil and sin. Fun Fact: this album is directly inspired by the classic Puritan book The Mortification of Sin by John Owen.

Notable Tracks: “Let’s Kill Sin,” “The Sinfulness of Sin,” and “The Humanity of Christ”

Listen here. 

L.A. Symphony – Disappear Here

This five-man group also released their fifth album in 2005. This classic group had rappers Sareem Poems, Pigeon John, and bTwice. Check out what the early 2000s West Coast Christian Rap sounded like with this album!

Notable Tracks: “Timeless,” “Money Song,” and “Dance Like”

Listen here.

Othello – Elevator Music

Here’s another 2005 album brandishing that boom-bap! Now known as Ozay Moore, this artist is considered by many to be one of the greatest Christian Rap artists ever. Definitely check this album out!

Notable Tracks: “Organic,” “Elevator Music,” and “Good Will Chopping”

Listen here.

Pigeon John – Pigeon John Sings the Blues!

Contrary to the album’s title, Pigeon John isn’t singing. He is laying down his signature flow and sound in this album! He continued his own artistry away from L.A. Symphony with his third album.

Notable Tracks: “Nothing Without You,” “Sleeping Giants,” and “Upside Down Rotten”

Listen here.

Ambassador – The Thesis

There isn’t much to say about this album! In his second album, Ambassador is his usual self in The Thesis. This Cross Movement veteran and The Thesis is a must-know for any Christian Rap fan!

Notable Tracks: “Get Your Open,” “My Clothes, My Hair,” and “Oh Wretched Man”

Listen here.

T-Bone – Bonafide

One of his last albums, T-Bone switched up his typical style from his past albums of Tha History of a Hoodlum and Tha Hoodlum’s Testimony. His vocals changed to a deeper sound and a powerful, but still speedy, flow. This album is still T-Bone however, so check it out!

Notable Tracks: “12 Years Ago,” “Can I Live,” and “Follow T”

Listen here.

Shai Linne – Solus Christus Project

This is the Philadelphia native’s first album! Home to the first “Random Thoughts,” Shai Linne is spitting Christ’s greatness and pointing out problems within Christian entertainment.

Notable Tracks: “Random Thoughts,” “Angelz,” “Mic Check 1,2”

Listen here.

Tru Life – The Journal Vol. 1 

While Tru Life isn’t a well-known artist in Christian Rap history, The Journal Vol. 1 is still worth a listen.

Notable Tracks: “Just Listen,” “Choices,” and “If I Could”

Listen here.

Those are 15 Christian rap albums turning 15 this year! Which ones are your favorites? Keep your eyes peeled for more album anniversary articles here on Rapzilla!


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