As a youth growing up in Jamaica Queens I was unaware of how big of a deal skating was. Outside of Bart Simpson shredding down the mean streets of Springfield and Michelangelo of Ninja Turtle fame hitting ollie’s in the sewer, the world of skateboarding was cool but not something I’d ever be interested in….until that fateful day PlayStation Magazine changed my mind forever.

Included in the pages of PSM was a disk that allowed you to play demo versions of certain games before they hit the shelves, and on this particular disk was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. I had no idea who Tony Hawk was or why a game about skateboarding was worth my time, yet once I started playing I could not stop.

My younger sister would jump on as player two and pull off the SICKEST tricks, holding the top score hostage for months. One game introduced me to a whole new world of extreme sports, one that I had previously thought was not for people of my particular skin tone. However, as I held that controller in my hand I had one thought – I was glad I was wrong.

Now the classic game that inspired a generation is making a comeback with a remastered version! Gaming juggernaut Activision announced today that they will be releasing an updated version of the first two THPS games as a packaged deal when it hits stores on September 4th. The game looks to have many of the bells and whistles we fell in love with back in the day, including the build your own skate park. As long as I can still use the Moon Physics and Slow Motion Tricks codes, they can have my money right now!

Put on your elbow and knee pads before checking out this beautiful trailer: