Reuniting for the first time since 2019’s Kuleana, newly-minted Rapzilla Freshmen Thomas Iannucci and J. Crum pair up to release “Diary of a Lockdown,” a vibey, stream of consciousness lo-fi track that was both produced by and features J. Crum.

“Diary of a Lockdown,” which is Iannucci’s first single since making the Freshman List, is a melodic, introspective reflection on the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown, both in day to day life and on mental health: rapping over J. Crum’s dreamlike beat, the Hawaii native meditates on losing his job, the cancellation of his wedding, and his spiral into a listless depression, caused by too much downtime, while Crum’s hazy vocals on the outro remind the listeners that Christ is our only answer.

Together, the emcees offer an important message of hope: namely, that even in this difficult time, you are not alone.

Listen to Thomas Iannucci Below: