On April 3, 2020, Lecrae went live to perform some songs from home, due to his canceled shows because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) national pandemic. While he played/performed his 2017 tracks “Broke” and “I’ll Find You” from  All Things Work Together, Lecrae previewed three brand new songs from his upcoming album Restoration.

The first song he played was “Wheels Up” featuring California-based singer Marc E. Bassy. The track was previewed back on April 2, 2019, and was known as “Seats Back.” The track originally featured Atalanta-based Abe Parker, but his part was replaced by Marc E. Bassy. It’s also produced by Epikh Pro, Kelvin Wooten, and S1.

The next track Lecrae played is titled “Over the Top.” The hard-hitting track was produced by 30 Roc, who has produced many hits, including Roddy Ricch’s No. 1 hit “The Box.” He also previewed the track before, back on December 14, 2019.

Lecrae spoke about the meaning of the track after the song concluded: “It’s a testament to where I am in life. Especially where we are at right now like if you’re in quarantine or in-home and you don’t have the usual luxuries, you realize it is all vanity. And that song’s is called “Over the Top” because I’m over the top, it’s like I done had a number one album, Grammy’s all this type of stuff, but none of that makes a difference. All that stuff fades away, it parishes but what you do have is your family, what you do have is God.”

The last song played was “Self Discovery.” The S1-produced joint discusses Lecrae’s heritage and talks about His relationship with the Lord. He said he made it at the time when he “realized God is not transactional, He’s relational.”

Are you excited for Restoration?