Konata Small, whose music can be heard in some of your favorite movie trailers or video games such as Fortnite and recently Gears of War, releases a new single entitled, “No Excuses.”

The track finds Konata challenging the status quo. He touches on circumstances that happened in his life, losing his grandmother to cancer, growing up financially unstable and dealing with moments he was unable to choose.

He encourages, “People try to play them angles/Tell you what you can and can’t do / Cause they done failed so many times /Now they hating cause they ain’t you.” Konata wants to inspire the listener to go beyond what is happening currently and use it to make you better, don’t use them as excuses to not pursue your dreams.

This is what Konata had to say about his new song, “No Excuses, is a song I wrote after thinking about all of the obstacles that have come up in my life. I have found out that even though those things ultimately helped make me stronger and build my character, I can not also use them as crutches to justify my current situation. Everything is either a lesson or a victory. My relationship with God has taught me that everything is about our individual progression.”

Listen to Konata Small Below: