KJ-52 and John Reuben got together on the recently retired rapper’s newest podcast episode to talk about their craziest experiences in touring. It was awesome to hear two Christian rap legends talk about their come up and hilarious show hijinks, but one thing was saved until the end…a project that never happened.

KJ and Reuben, both self-aware of their pasts and current present, will be dropping a joint EP called From Youth Groups to Group Therapy. The songs will reflect on where they started and now where they are.

There isn’t much more info than that except Millenials who grew up on the pair will be rejoicing everywhere! Some track ideas thrown around were:

Ice Cream Trucks & Mountain Dew
I’m a GOAT and You’re Gotee
Are We There Yet? (We Never Left)
John Reu vs Five-Two

Listen to KJ-52 and John Reuben Below:

Let us know what you think and Happy April Fools Day!