Live Sports Gives Way to Online eSports Competitions & Simulations

In light of COVID-19, the United States sports industry has come to a screeching halt. College sports are not playing. Professional sports are not playing. Even the Olympics have been postponed until 2021. People are looking for competition, and in no surprise, the Internet has come to save the day.

Enter: Digital Competition

People have now taken their love for sports, and in some cases just for competition, and moved online to compete. Video games have helped fill the void. Bleacher Report, alongside EA Sports, has generated what they are dubbing the B/R G.O.A.T. Madden 20 Simulation. Essentially, with player-generated rosters, B/R is simulating a 32 team tournament between computer-generated Madden NFL Football teams. The kicker is that every team has the best player in franchise history per each position. For example, Michael Vick is throwing passes to Julio Jones, and Barry Sanders is lining up beside Calvin Johnson.

You can watch these games on a live Twitch stream most nights until April 13. Check out the full schedule at Bleacher Report. 

In the same vein, courtesy of EA Sports and The Checkdown, current NFL players are competing head-to-head in their own Madden 20 tournament beginning April 1 at 7 pm. Some of the guys entering to play include Jarvis Landry, Keenan Allen, and Tyreek Hill. You can watch these games live on Twitch.

All of the proceeds generated by this tournament are going to COVID-19 relief.

“COD” Always?

The popular gaming franchise Call of Duty dropped their version of a Battle Royale first-person shooter in March. On March 28, DJ Mykael V announced that he will be hosting and facilitating a 1 v 1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tournament on April 10. He is “opening up the challenge for you scrubs.” Check out the details below:

All you have to do is search on Twitter things like “Madden Tournament,” and countless results will pop up. Social distancing is happening all around the world, so live sports and competition are pretty much obsolete for the time being. But just like you can Skype call your uncle and Zoom meet with your professor, you can also get the adrenaline rush of competition – it just takes access to the Internet. It certainly doesn’t feel the same as live, physical competition. But for now, it will have to do. And many people are finding it to be quite an enjoyable experience.

What other digital competitions have you heard about? 

What do you think?


Written by Cooper Short

Cooper Short is a former college football player, fisherman, disc golfer, Christian rap junkie, Oregon Ducks fan, coffee drinker, Chaco wearer, and future pastor. He is also the brain behind the content of his own blog and podcast-- Caffeinated Christianity. If he's not engaged in one of these things, then check on him... he may be missing.

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