“Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls, I do adore!” This line from Jay-Z’s song “Girls” off his highly praised album The Blueprint highlights what many have claimed has been a longstanding issue within the Hip Hop community. The misogynistic and over-sexualized portrayal of women. Derek Minor sat down with the Pastor With No Answers Podcast to discuss why rap music is seemingly in love with objectifying the opposite sex among other various topics.

Toward the end of their interview, Minor is asked why Hip Hop music still being given a pass with the way they demoralize and degrade women to this day. Amidst the #MeToo and Woman Empowerment movement, nobody is boycotting the music that rappers make about females.

On Sexism in Hip-Hop: “Hip-Hop culture doesn’t care about the MeToo Movement. Although those outside the black culture are big consumers of Hip Hop Music, they are just passive observers of our reality…As a man of faith, I refrain from making that type of music, but many passive listeners are out of touch with the culture…Many choose to listen to the artistic cream of the crop I.E. J. Cole, Kendrick, and Jay-Z…Boosie and Young Thug and dudes like these are the ones who are raising the young dudes, who have become the voice for their generation.”

“If people didn’t like it (the way Hip Hop talks about women), it wouldn’t sell. This is how often black people see themselves. However many times these kids are playing a character that they put on because they don’t want to work at Wal-Mart, they don’t wanna sell drugs and hip hop is a way to escape that by playing this role…People love hip-hop’s immaturity until hip-hop’s immaturity steps on their toes.”

Other topics Derek Minor discussed:

On being on Shelter In Place: “Southerners hate being told what to do, but I like my lungs so I’m practicing social distancing. This time has been super productive for me and I’m loving the extra time I have with my family.”

Derek has also been training himself in stock and investing with Day Trading, and had started getting into before the Corona started affecting the market. He’s gotten several music placements recently, including having one of his songs “Going Up” on TNT for Black Panther and another song that played on ESPN First Take a short while ago.

On the coronavirus: “I’m unbothered by the current situation as far as fear goes…There was a local pastor that closed his church at the start of the coronavirus that stated in this season its important to trust God and not test God. I felt that was profound.”

On how Nothing But A Word came together: “Propaganda had a tour date with a layover in Nashville that lasted a few days. I invited him to come through to cook up some music and we ended up making seven records in four days.”

Regarding new music: “I’m focusing on making music for film in this new season.”

Check out the entire podcast at the link below! (Warning Profanity)