It’s like Captain Marvel versus Rogue or Chun-Li versus Cammy. Maybe it’s even like Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks. There are a few times in history where two ladies have went toe to toe in a way that elevated the game and put their male counterparts on notice. Such was the case when 4EVA crossed pens with Pristavia at the Overflow Battle Rap League groundbreaking event “Confirmation: Valor” that went down this past January.

This was the first time two women have battled in the history of the young league.

I wondered how the ladies would fair on a card stacked with fire match-ups like Jermaine LeMor vs Angel and J Fence vs Elijah Strait. Would they be able to deliver when it came time to take the stage? The answer is a resounding YES! They delivered like Amazon Prime Same Day Shipping!

From the jump, 4EVA came with a CRAZY first round,  which included a FIRE 10 virgins scheme that gave me the scrunch face. Soon as 4 was finished though Pristavia kicked out a rebuttal that let the room know she ain’t for play, showcasing an aggressive and humorous style that surely won her a few battles on the corner.

Each round grew more and more amazing, as these ladies didn’t just showcase their knowledge of scripture and their ability to shake a room. They didn’t just perform on a level that equaled every one of their peers on the first go-round. These two sisters represented on that stage and reminded everybody in that building and at home of a simple fact that seems to be looked over by many – Female Christian rappers got bars.

P.S. They looking for battlers…hit em like Pac if you want a spot on the next card!

Watch the Overflow Battle Rap League Below: