Lecrae called into Sway in the Morning’s radio show and spoke about a variety of topics including the Coronavirus, his new project, and single. Oddly enough, one of the most pertinent things spoken about was the backlash he received for getting baptized in the Jordan River.

“You got backlash from being baptized again from people. Does it stick to you? How do you process that?” Sway asked the rapper.

This is referring to a trip to Israel Lecrae took last year with Derek Minor, Andy Mineo, Spechouse, Propaganda, and others. The Holy Land experience was documented by Israel Collective and turned into a short film and music video.

One of the days there, all of the artists took turns getting baptized again in the Jordan River. For many, this is a perfect symbol of Christ’s love because it’s where he was also baptized by John the Baptist. However, whenever Lecrae makes a move, the critics always come out, and they came out for this one.

“If you’re going to call shots, you’re going to take shots. That’s just part of being a leader. If you’re going to pioneer stuff, it’s going to come with some consequences,” he replied to the question. “People are going to be upset at the way you do things. You have to develop some thick skin. If everybody throwing stones at you, pick them up and build something.”

He continued, “I just gotta stay on my mission and do what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Watch Lecrae and Sway below: