Kirk Franklin called into Sway in the Morning to share how faith can help people get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A lot of people’s faith is being challenged…What are you telling folks who are being challenged?” said Sway.

“The first thing I like to start with is to reaffirm and remind people [of God’s love] because there are so many people who are cynical about faith…[They ask] why God would do this and different conversations.”

He continued, “God is a God of love, and God loves us…doesn’t mean that humanity always loves God.”

Franklin continued to hammer down the love God has for His people even if it isn’t reciprocal.

“Moving from love, when we as human beings make our own decisions, and when we turn from God, God is where He’s always been…”

He continued, “Not saying that where we are necessarily is a place of punishment, but it’s definitely a place of awakening…God can’t talk louder than He’s talking now.”

Watch the Kirk Franklin and Sway Below: