City Takers is a well-known ministry in Atlanta, GA. Fulfilling the mission to love a city, draw a city, and build a city through various outreaches. Pastor Scott Free seeks to raise up urban missionaries who transform cities through hip hop, love, and Jesus.

A story known by very few is that when Hulvey was six years old, he and his parents while living in Elijay GA, would drive down to Atlanta to serve with Scott and his missions team, even before City Takers was established. Fast forward 14 years later, before Hulvey moves to Atlanta, his parents suggest he hit up Scott, which he did, and they reconnected and now Hulvey is part of the City Takers mission. Funny how some things come full circle.

So it was fitting to have a night of celebration, for both the release of Hulvey’s ep BRKNHRT and the 10th anniversary of City Takers.

Many people came through to show support and there were performances by Hulvey, Lecrae, Tedashii, Wande, Rockstar JT, Torey D’Shaun, and Swaizy.