Just a few weeks ago GAWVI announced his album Heathen. Since then we’ve got a few singles and we’ve also had questions. The album is toted as “a push against the Christian culture in hopes to deconstruct unhealthy cultural norms.” What does this mean?

The Reach Records producer answered this question in a recent documentary.

When speaking about the theme of the album, he remembers being told that his previous album Panorama was panned by radio and CCM for confusing reasons. “This could be dope on radio but GAWVI your music is too risky for us.” If you’ve heard the album, this is a puzzling statement.

The artists said, “They prefer worship chords” and for the most part, this is true.

He continued, “…Ya’ll driving something into people culturally where it doesn’t even connect with people. Like people in the hood aren’t listening to country…”

“Hillsong is amazing, Hillsong changed my life,” he said. “They are the pioneers of that sound…there’s nothing wrong with that.”

He continued, “When you consider that the only genre of Christianity, why?”

Lastly, he spoke from his own experience about what he’s seen behind the scenes.

“There is a lot of amazing people, but there are so many people who are afraid of showing their true colors and being called a Heathen.”

For more context to this convo and some behind the scenes check out the documentary.

Watch GAWVI Below: