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Eazy Bob Wizzy Finds True Self & Comfort in New Project ‘Where Is Eazy?’

Nigerian rapper Eazy Bob Wizzy is one of the many artists from the region putting in work and rebranding their art. This has made him a favorite in the city where he hails from (Kaduna – one of the States in the country).

Eazy unveiled the cover art/tracklist to his project Where Is Eazy? last year after he moved the release to March 2020. Since its release, the body of work has gained much acceptance with many positive remarks from music listeners. 

WhereIsEazy? is a continuation of his previous project Who Is Eazy? released in 2016 where the former talks about him self discovery while the latter centers around the theme of him being found by God. 

Eazy Bob Wizzy

The 10 track which was supposed to be a four-track EP stated to be released in 2018, went through a lot of changes as Eazy Bob Wizzy grew and learned from a series of unfortunate events. It kicked off with a spoken-word piece intro titled Found by his label (Ryt Path Records) latest signing Jasmine-Jade. She explains and breaks the core message of the body of the album which is being ‘Found’ by the love of Christ.

“Road” has Eazy Bob Wizzy and guest artiste Pokafaze declare their being unashamed and taking the gospel everywhere regardless of what happens in the process. The singing talent of Eazy comes to play in the 3rd track Shineshinebobo as he does more of patois than rap. The song talks about how the grace of God has made him shine and glow amidst the difficult situation. 

“Finish Work” is an attestation to being light-bearers to show forth the glory of God as he has called us to be. The groovy track which is one of the top songs on the album has guest verses from Oshey and Minkir. Eazy gives props to his homies who comes through for him in trying times. He calls them his Squaw who grinds for him any day and stays for him in the place of prayer. The track is a complete jam featuring Menxee and Goddey. 

“Substance” is a clarion call to portray a good living as Eazy, Vblaiz, and D.I.A come in with heavy bars to preach against the intake of hard drugs. 

“Anointed Talker’s Skit” shows the expectations of a music fan and mirrors their opinion when they see a rapper like Eazy who is starting to make waves. 

“The Answer II” is a continuation of “The Answer” off his last project Who Is Eazy. He reminisces about his struggles in recent times, about his house being burgled and him being robbed of his studio equipment (laptop/speakers) after which he got fed up and confused. At the end of it all, he got the joy and happiness from Christ who showed up when he needed help. There are times in man’s journey that you face difficult situations and get confused, at this moment your only option is Christ. This is what Eazy hammers on “Back Up.” 

The last track on the project “23/Celebrate” puts Eazy Bob Wizzy in a celebration mood as he laces his rap lines on a Caribbean beat.

Eazy Bob Wizzy

The whole album is one that helps Eazy Bob Wizzy sample various beats trap, reggae, and passing the needed message. 

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Listen to Eazy Bob Wizzy Below:


Written by Olusola Adenusi

I'm a content creator, writer, music critic, lover of Politics. Nigerian. Christ lover. Lead Writer for iRapChrist (A Christian hip hop platform).

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