“Glory” by Diomer is all about self-reflection and redemption.

“I’ve realized that even if I accomplish the dreams I’m chasing after, such as becoming a full-time artist and glorifying Jesus through it, that reality in and of itself won’t solve all my problems. I have some baggage from my past that I’m still learning how to surrender and let God restore me from, but regardless I can rejoice now, knowing that one day all Christ-followers and I will be fully restored and live with God in heaven forever.” 

Diomer teamed up with Los Angeles-based producer Brad Rame to bring his vision to life. 

“I wanted to share this message in a unique way. I love the fusion of rap with different genres, which is where the dubstep inspiration came in. It’s a rollercoaster of a song with its highs and lows. It’ll be fun to perform live.”

Listen to Diomer Below:

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