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5 Christian Rap Artists You May Have Not Heard Yet [Luc’s Picks]

5 Christian Rap Artists You May Have Not Heard Yet [Luc’s Picks]

I’ve been really drawn to the underground scene in hip hop for over 20 years. I feel like I always find artists that are so dope and not enough people have heard about them who really need to. I thought it’d be cool to share with you each month a few artists that I’ve been listening to. That’s really the goal of music for me, and sharing new music for me always means people potentially unlocking something new within themselves that they wouldn’t have known before. Every artist has a different perspective, different gifting, different sound. That’s what makes music beautiful.

So here are my top picks for March (in no particular order):

1. William Cata

William Cata is from the Bronx and really comes at you with that sound. He has one notable feature that I can think of with Datin and put out an EP last year. I’m very stoked to hear more from him in the future. Check him out on Spotify or watch a video here:

2. Miron Rafis

Probably the first artist I’ve ever glommed onto from Germany, Miron comes at you with a melodic style and laid back vibes. His newest project Redlines released in November and it’s featuring Vic Sage and Eric Heron. His music is so nice. I really dig his unique sound. Check him out on Spotify or listen to him here:

3. Proud Refuge

This is an artist who while I know he’s been around for a minute, I didn’t really start listening to him until recently. Proud Refuge is Kenyan-American bringing some Afro trap sounds to the forefront with his music. Positivity just drips off of his songs and his performances. I love how versatile he is, and his song creations are beautiful. He’s also just released his newest project in November, Modern Revivalist and it features Joey Vantes, Limoblaze, and NKay. Check out Proud Refuge on Spotify or his newest video here:


With IMRSQD it’s all about a mood. He’s great at pulling at your emotions with his music. He’s a Namibian rapper who has some R&B influences but also some strong hip-hop atmosphere to his tunes. He put out a project last summer with Moflo music that was really dope. IMRSQD is an artist I’ll always press play on. Check Him Out below and then go look him up on Spotify:

5. 350

As I write this… I realize 350 just had a song drop with Parris Chariz, so people are gonna hear about him soon. His Seasons album he put out last summer just hit differently for me. I really appreciate the musicality and different textures he puts into his music. I find there to be a rawness to the ingredients he throws together. Whether it’s live instruments being used or an organic vocal take. There’s something in 350’s music for every hip hop fan. Check out 350 on Spotify or you can listen to the new single here:

Which of these Christian rap artists haven’t you heard?


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