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Chris Broussard’s The 6th Annual K.I.N.G. National Summit Info

Chris Broussard, renowned sports panelist and commentator for ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, and to name a few, is the founder of the K.I.N.G. Movement.

The K.I.N.G. Movement is a national Christian men’s organization that seeks to strengthen men in their Christian faith and lifestyle by providing support, accountability, teaching, fellowship, and brotherhood.

K.I.N.G. is an acronym that stands for Knowledge, Inspiration, and Nurture through God.

He recently posted on his Instagram, “I’m INVITING ALL MEN to attend The 6th Annual K.I.N.G. National Summit: “We Are One” March 27-29, 2020 in Charlotte, NC. Inspiring Speakers, Informative Workshops, Insightful Panels, Q&A, Manhood, Life Purpose, Race, Family, Finance, Apologetics, Hip Hop, Basketball and more…”[0]=68.ARDaWNqb4B__KRhljw_TS9VEB4y2YUAstt43xqQ4azbXRFiVOjWoygObOn5jQAiL7H8Ut4WA_QfPYSe23k3hVx1h5F2tyLyStFAOslVOGchdzAkQbVP8fBbTSwyKJGTVwVu9Yz8KhWUAp0U9T33bxOISmKIZLxhU6V3dWJ7ymojj_d6FNfkANs5QuZk08weLNMLiOivAQuUTOCvBWJEmZeSWMYWJjRC_6v7QXzcYJJaeJdkokz_pFe7Dnuk-o5WINblAs54sAYLwKlhx1HQ-w45HF5z7u40xpwnX6gHzW6hrMb6UUOlRCr4JZ37E1GINGcK-Jp0oMoYFS_M7fj4eAKiNRUI&__tn__=-R

Check out Chris Broussard & the Rest of the Speakers on the Flyer Below:

Chris Broussard

If you are interested in attending, head on over to

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