Chris Broussard is a man of many hats. He is a sports journalist, a sports analyst, an NBA aficionado, occasionally a preacher, and most importantly a Christian. Broussard is also the founder of The K.I.N.G. Movement which was to have it’s 6th annual men’s conference in a few weeks. It has since been postponed due to the Corona Virus.

Broussard has had the opportunity to share his faith at the forefront of some of the biggest media companies in the world. He got his first big break with the prestigious New York Times, and eventually moved on to ESPN, and now Fox Sports 1. All throughout his journey he has never wavered on his stances as a Christian man, even if it’s gotten him “in trouble.”

“There are a good number of media members who are Christians,” Broussard of the common misconception of media being devoid of God. “There are several people working at different networks and even in Hollywood. There’s plenty of Christians in this space.”

He continued, “Obviously people talk about the Liberal media, I do agree with it. It’s undeniable that the media is Liberal and that they have an agenda. Right now they are trying to normalize things that most people of traditional faith – Christian, Jewish, Muslim – are against.”Chris Broussard

There have been various instances throughout his professional career that even when he said something viewed as unpopular, behind the scenes he had plenty of support from co-workers, athletes, and personalities.

Broussard cites that unfortunately, many of his conservative cohorts over the years are afraid to speak out because they fear their jobs will be in jeopardy.

While at ESPN, Broussard was part of a Bible Study that met routinely. Even though you wouldn’t think it, there were plenty of Christians behind the scenes. His message to those out in the non-Christian workplace now is to just “be strong in the Lord” and bold.

“I don’t set out to do it, but when asked, I speak about it boldly,” he exclaimed about his faith.

It is in his opinion that Christians in 2020 are stuck under the “guise of political correctness” which is sending Believers into an underground state.

“America needs to see people that they look up to and respect for a variety of reasons who are also Christians,” said Broussard. “That’ll go against the negative stereotypes that is being promoted that only white racists, ignorant Blacks and Hispanics, and hillbillies are Christians. So by hiding our faith, we are doing ourselves a disservice and contributing to being pushed underground.”

He also feels that people will respect your Christian views if you are really out there living it. If you are someone who is pushing Jesus on everyone, but behind the scenes, you are cheating on your spouse, doing drugs, being a bad parent, etc, your Christianity turns into a mockery and hypocrisy. Essentially, be the light at all times.

“You’ve got to live it. If I had been up at ESPN, making passes at the makeup girls and cussing all the time, I believe I would have gotten fired. I would have been looked at as a hypocrite. They saw how I lived, and while they disagreed with my belief, they knew I was sincere,” he shared.

Broussard said the problem can be linked back to the church as well. Many times the Body picks and chooses what it wants to rally against. He likened it to a church calling out racism but staying silent on abortion, or a church railing against same-sex marriage, but muting itself when it comes to injustice and police brutality.

Another important aspect of being a person of faith in the spotlight is being your best. If you are doing things in excellence and representing God, you have to do it with quality and integrity.

Chris Broussard

That thought pattern of excellence, quality, and integrity is what makes Broussard’s The K.I.N.G. Movement so special. It’s these values that he hopes to instill into men across the nation.

K.I.N.G. is an acronym that stands for Knowledge, Inspiration, and Nurture through God.

“We are a national Christian men’s movement. Our goal is to strengthen our walk with Christ with teaching, encouragement, support, accountability, and brotherhood,” he explained. “We are gathering men together in Christ because men need male bonding and a lot of times it comes outside of Christ. That’s always our main focus.”

Broussard believes the church is clearly being pushed to the “periphery of American society,” and hopes he can help turn this around.

“I believe that’s because of the lack of unity in the church. We can’t deny that the church is divided. All Christians would like revival and that’s not going to happen without unity,” the analyst said. “We are calling Christian men to unify not under the right-wing agenda or left-wing agenda, but around a kingdom agenda. Let’s get men of all races, generations, and political lines under a Kingdom of God agenda.”

While Broussard admits K.I.N.G. is predominantly African American at the moment, he stresses that it’s not just for Black men. As the organization continues to grow and move forward, the ratio of men of different backgrounds is sure to become more diverse.

“We do deal with issues that are of concern with African American men, but we want to unify men of God across these different lines that we have. That’s why we chose the theme ‘We Are One’.”

He continued, “The racial divide in the church is shameful. For us to say to the world with platitudes: ‘Jesus is the answer’ and ‘It’s not a skin problem, it’s a sin problem’, we can see the divide in the church is arguably worse than outside it.”

“If we could unify and work together more, I think we can work to a greater cause.”

Unfortunately, The K.I.N.G. Movement Summit set for March 27 – 29th in Charlotte, NC was postponed due to safety concerns with the Corona Virus pandemic. Once things are more fluid with the virus and how America will recover/move on, Broussard will be sure to announce the plan moving forward.

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