Bakah is a hip-hop artist, music producer, and all-around creative from Atlanta, Ga. Although most fantasized about the “spotlight,” Bakah was content with being the unknown creative. He was always a fan of music, but didn’t find his love for creating music until first hearing the production of Timbaland on Aaliyah’s, “Are You That Somebody.”

“After hearing someone put a baby on a beat, I was blown away. From there I knew…I gotta do that!” says the rapper. As a music producer, Bakah found comfort being hidden but knew that there was more to his calling than staying in the background.

Inspired by his mother’s “if you want to see change, you must become change” attitude, he picked up a pen and began adding lyrics to his music.

Refusing to compromise his beliefs and standards, he quickly learned that his music was the voice of a generation demanding to be heard. Music is more than just a form of entertainment to Bakah, it is an expression of life. And he wants to use his music to inspire.

With a strong passion for sharing Jesus as HE is, Bakah is focused on creating timeless music that transcends generations.

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