VICE Highlights Pure Flix Christian Actress in New Episode of FAME-ish

VICE has documented some Christian stories in the past. A few years back we covered their documentary on the Creation Festival with an interview of then Noisey Editor Eric Sundermann. This particular video is focused on mostly faith-based film and show actor Emma Elle Roberts. She is most known for her roles on Pure Flix, the “Christian Netflix” alternative.

Roberts spends the video talking about the struggles of being put in the “faith-based” box of cinema. It’s an all too familiar subject that Christian rap has been battling over the years. The old argument, “Are you a Christian rapper or a rapper who’s Christian?” bodes as “Are you Christian actress or an actress who’s Christian?” As rappers look to expand outside of rapping in churches or making music exclusively for believers, it’s comparable to the limitations Roberts feels she has.

Obviously, Hollywood and the conglomerate of TV and film has tons to offer in terms of work, money, and success. These three things are a bit stressed to find with any consistency in the Christian market. If she has dreams of creating well-known and important art that can make a steady living, she may not find it filming “God’s Not Dead 4, 5, 6” and so on.

Ironically, a few weeks ago, we interviewed one of the creators of the movie “Faith-Based” which parodies Christian filmmaking. Within that movie, they worked to dispel and/or satirize the Christian film industry for what it is – not a ministry, but an industry. It has an Inception feel to it as non-Christians made a film about non-Christians making a Christian film.

Overall, the topic is very interesting. The comments in the VICE video were not too kind the subject matter, but, then again, some of Rapzilla’s comments aren’t too kind to the subject matter that we’re supposed to cover!

Watch the VICE Documentary Below:

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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