With a delay for complete reanimation of the world-renowned Sega favorite, Sonic the Hedgehog takes on the challenge of another video game to silver screen adaptation.

The original release date was November 2019, and with the redo, the reanimation does not disappoint. From Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and his gadgets to Sonic (Ben Schwartz) resembling the character, the film is easy on the eyes and fun. The banter between Sonic and his supporting cast is both entertaining and heartwarming.

The overall theme of the film is the importance of valuing friendships. Jim Carrey gives us some memorable moments with his Cable Guy/Liar Liar persona on full display and unleashed. It is refreshing to hear the soundtrack mesh so well with scenes in the film. The opening tune is “Friends” by Hyper Portions which is the same song used for Sonic Mania.

The supporting cast is great; with Tika Sumpter playing the perfect wife. James Marsden shares screen time with Sonic as they bond over the 99-minute film. Nothing seems forced, which is commonly done in family films.

Bright colors matched with a cheerful tone throughout the film leads to a wholesome adventure that can be shared with the entire family. Sonic the Hedgehog receives a score of 9/10.