Hulvey Breaks Down ‘BRKNHRT’ [INTERVIEW]

Rapzilla connected with Reach Records artist Hulvey to ask him about the much
anticipated EP BRKNHRT that was just released today.

The young artist provided insight by giving a track play-by-play.


“Damascus” is a song that discusses the journey I went on and how I dropped out of college to pursue what the Lord had for me. It is titled “Damascus” because of the lines, “I heard that when You shine it makes a man go blind but when You open up His eyes He sees for the 1st time and “In the distance, I can hear You calling me, Help me listen even when it’s hard to see” as well as some others. This is a parallel of the Apostle Paul’s story.


“Motions” is about trying to navigate life when you’re going through a dry season and it seems like you’re just going through the motions. It plays a huge part in the narrative of BRKNHRT.

Cold Water

“Cold Water” paints a picture of baptism. It’s explaining how the Lord does the work in us and sets us free before baptism and how it is an expression of what He has done.

If I Gave It All

This song is about the fear to surrender to God. I had a fear of giving things to Him and this song captures that wrestle. If we gave away our ambitions, dreams, lies, fears, pain, etc. would He be enough?


“Everything” is the surrender song. I had a friend that found the Lord and surrendered his life to Him and I wrote about a phone call I had with him. His life change affected me and caused me to surrender my dreams to Him.


This is the song that really wraps up the meaning of this project. I’m broken and surrendered before the Lord. It’s a heart cry to Him.

Listen to Hulvey Below:


Written by Kevan Banks

Kevan Banks, known as Kev In The Corner, is a music lover and guest coordinator for Trackstarz.

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