Across the pond, UK Christian rap artist Guvna B teamed up with the prestigious BBC. Their goal, to discuss the intersection of faith and music concerning ‘Gospel Meets Hip-Hop’. They did this as a podcast documentary for BBC Sounds.

“Gospel and hip-hop are closely related, but the relationship hasn’t always been an easy one. Christian artists making gospel hip-hop face barriers both within the church and within the mainstream music industry – it was either the ‘devil’s music’ or ‘not cool enough’. But now it’s becoming popular, people in the church and the music industry are taking note,” reads the website’s description.

Within the documentary, they spoke to a variety of artists on the music’s importance and relevance to the culture. They also spoke about Kanye West and Stormzy being prevalent mainstream voices who are now interjecting faith into their music.

Guvna B stopped by Reach Records in Atlanta, Georgia and spoke to Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and Wande. Some of the other names spoken to are Kierra Sheard, Donald Lawrence, and Samm Henshaw.

Listen to the documentary here.