A few weeks back, Christian rap O.G. FLAME released the “theologically heavy” EP Extra Nos. Documenting FLAME’s journey from Reformed Theology to Lutheranism, the project retains FLAME’s signature frenetic flows laced over bombastic beats, but it’s also packed with enough Latin phrases (just look at the tracklist) to make a Classics major proud.

The EP is the first of many projects that he plans on releasing on the subject of his transition and while its lyrical content is to be praised, some were left confounded at its meaning. Thankfully, in addition to a website breaking down the lyrics and defining the theological ideas and terms, FLAME sat down with Lutheran pastor and author Dr. Jordan B. Cooper in a convicting and insightful video.

In addition to being a pastor and author, Dr. Jordan Cooper is an adjunct professor of Systematic Theology and a Ministry Fellow with Christian Union at Cornell University. A triple tour de force, his website, YouTube channel, and Podcast all discuss theology from a Lutheran perspective. Various of Dr. Cooper’s books, but most notably The Great Divide: A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology, was instrumental and inspirational for Extra Nos. Listen to their conversation below and check back soon for an interview with both Flame and Dr. Cooper. 

Watch FLAME Below: