Up and coming Christian rap artist and producer Dee Swan is riding the wave of a lifetime. He currently collaborated on a series of remixes for the Liam Payne and Cheat Codes single “Live Forever.”

Payne is from the beloved boy band sensation One Direction who is currently on hiatus.

So how did this collaboration with Liam Payne occur?

Dee Swan

“Well, back in 2019 Liam was finishing work on his album and I knew one of the producers working on one of his songs,” he explained. “The group Cheat Codes and I go way back. And they were my connection with that.”

He continued, “As for the track, they offered the possible chance of a remix with him of one of his songs. My team and I accepted, and it was a very smooth process. Liam and his team were great and Cheat Codes is awesome. I love then to death. It’s been a true blessing.”

Swan said, “The reception was great” and “Liam loved the record.” His team, (Gregatron and Akai) were all “pumped.” The song has been receiving a lot of love he is excited to be a part of it.

“Doing a track like this has helped my guys and me a lot. A lot of DJs in the EDM scene have commented on the record. It also opened a lot of production opportunities as well. God is so good,” he shared. “And the plays and reviews have been well received.”

The rapper wants people to “change for the better” when listening to the song.

“We’ve all had a point in our life where life was going in a spiral until we had an encounter with Christ. From that, our lives changed for the best,” he concluded.

Listen to the Dee Swan & Gregatron Liam Payne Remix Below: