Lecrae, KB, Andy Mineo, Flame

Top Streamed Christian Rap Songs of Each Year in Decade

A week ago, Rapzilla published an article on the top 15 most streamed songs in the decade. Today, this list will look at the top streamed Christian Rap songs of each year from 2010 to 2019. Keep in mind, these statistics are based on the time of this article, not by the end of each year.

*** The following statistics are based on Spotify. Apple Music doesn’t release their streaming numbers to the public. Numbers are based on the day before this article was released.***

2010: Lecrae
“Background” Ft. Andy Mineo

2011: Tedashii
“Dum Dum” Ft. Lecrae

2012: KB
“Church Clap” Ft. Lecrae

2013: Flame
“Start Over” Ft. NF

2014: Andy Mineo
“You Can’t Stop Me”

2015: KB
“Crowns & Thorns (Oceans)”

2016: KB

2017: Lecrae
“I’ll Find You” Ft. Tori Kelly

2018: Andy Mineo and Lecrae
“Coming in Hot”

2019: Andy Mineo
“Keepin it movin am & guv demo.mp3” Ft. Guvna B

*While “Tempo” was released on Today We Rebel in 2017, the song was originally released as a single in 2016. For some reason, Spotify does not add together the totals for each version of the song together. So, I added the two songs’ streams together to form the total presented.*

Same as our previous stream article, Reach Records dominates this list. Lecrae, KB, and Andy Mineo are tied at leading in three years (Andy and Lecrae both get one year for “Coming in Hot”). Flame, the only non-Reach artist, and Tedashii lead the other two years.

NF was not considered for this list to honor artists within CHH. If included, he would have lead 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015. Essentially, he would lead every year since stepping into the scene except 2014.  Andy’s “You Can’t Stop Me” is higher than all of NF’s songs on his self-titled EP.

What did you think about this list? What other Christian Rap songs did you expecting to have more streams? Let us know in the comments below! 


Written by Edward Boice

Edward Boice is a freelance journalist who, like every other writer without a fortune, is grinding hourly to keep a writing career in a video-obsessed world. Mostly known for his role of copy editor at Rapzilla.com, he also writes for local newspapers and press releases for music artists. Whenever he's not hunched over a computer typing methodically, Boice is playing a board or card game with his wife and friends or jamming to Christian Rap and Post-Hardcore.

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