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Top 10 Most Read Articles on Rapzilla.com in 2019

Top 10 Most Read Articles on Rapzilla.com in 2019

Every year we countdown some of the most read content on Rapzilla.com. Usually, we break it up into separate categories but this year we’re hitting you with the collective top 10 on the site overall.

The title of the article is first, followed by the number of views at the time of publishing.

TobyMac’s son Truett Foster Passes

In what turned out to be the biggest story of the year, also turned out to be the greatest tragedy. Christian music legend TobyMac’s oldest son Truett Foster passed away abruptly. Artists and fans all over the community mourned for the passing of a young soul and grieved with Christian music’s most beloved artist. Read the full article here.

NF Reveals The Search Album Cover & Release Date

Yes, we know you guys love NF, that’s why he’s clocking in at No. 2 on this list when he announced album details for his latest project. Read the article here.

Does NF Fire Back to “The Ringer” Diss by Eminem on “Returns?”

Ah yes, what do people like more than NF – controversy! Pair that controversy with the self-proclaimed king of it – Eminem, and now people are paying attention! Many people felt Em took shots at NF on his song “The Ringer,” and others speculated that NF “RETURNed” those shots on this song. Read the break down here.

FLAME Beats Katy Perry in Plagiarism Court Case for “Joyful Noise” vs “Dark Horse”

In what proved to be a somewhat historic court case for music plagiarism, FLAME won his suit against Katy Perry. He and his team battled five years to prove “Dark Horse” plagiarized elements of his hit song “Joyful Noise.” Read about it here.

Bizzle Responds to Joyner Lucas’ “Devil’s Work”

Bizzle loves to stir the pot and address people who attack the faith or Christian rap. In this case, he provided a rebuttal for every question Lucas had regarding giving up on God. Check out both songs here.

Lecrae and NF Drop Collab Song “Illuminati”

Well, you’re just going to have to click this one…

FLAME vs Katy Perry Settlement Number Reached

This was a followup article to the court case win that revealed FLAME would be receiving almost 3 million dollars for Katy Perry’s team for winning the suit. Read more about the numbers here.

John Crist Cancels Tour Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

This was another sad and highly disappointing story. John Crist became the darling of the Christian entertainment world with his clean comedy that focused on Christian subjects. It turns out he had some behind the scenes activity going on that finally came to light and it “canceled” him. He hasn’t been heard from in months. We’ll see if he reemerges in 2020. Read the full scope of what happened here.

Kanye West Gives Unashamed Interview After Jesus is King Drops

It was Kanye West fever for a while on Rapzilla.com but it wasn’t our fault. It seems like he was doing something noteworthy for the kingdom every day and the readers were flooding the page with traffic. Many of the Kanye articles would have made this top 10 list had they occurred earlier in the year. Read the interview that turned so many heads here.

Dope Christian Clothing That You Need to Check Out

This one is self-explanatory. We gave you all a listicle that features some of the hottest clothing made by Christians who are pushing the culture. Read the full article here.

So there you have it. That’s the Rapzilla.com year in review of what you all, the readers, were checking out on the site. We thank you for the support! Here’s to another year of news, music, and telling stories that matter and change lives.


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