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Star Wars – The Mandalorian (Review)

Star Wars – The Mandalorian (Review)

The Mandalorian Disney+ series delivers a fun ride out across the galaxy. It’s highly enjoyable without a deep immersion in any previous films. It has a plot that’s easy to follow, that can be played and paused at your own discretion while still enjoying the submersion of a galaxy far far away.

The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) does a great job of showing a wide range of emotions from empathy to desperation all behind the iconic bounty hunter mask.

A powerful protagonist is followed without diminishing the enemies and challenges faced throughout the series. Add in an adorable competitor to Guardian of the Galaxy’s Baby Groot, and you have a great show to enjoy. The Child (baby Yoda) is a great touch to a fun adventure that has a perfect contrast to the lasers, spaceships, danger, and politics of the Fallen Empire.

The supporting cast is solid with pleasant surprises such as Bill Burr and Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito. Most Star Wars music comes off as corny, but this soundtrack is gritty and audacious. Just remember, when you have a challenge, take a deep breath and tell yourself calmly…“This is the Way.”

The Mandalorian gets a 9.6/10.


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