Welcome to a new Rapzilla podcast. We are calling this one “Say What?!?” Essentially, it is lines in CHH you have to rewind not because the lyrics were crazy but because you heard it and were like, “What does that even mean?” We want to take a deep dive into the stories behind some of these moments and we’re here with the guy who inspired it, John Reuben.

In the early 2000s, John Reuben was one of the biggest names in Christian rap. He was signed to TobyMac’s Gotee Records and his 2002 album was called Hindsight. In the second track of the album, “I John Reu,” there is a throw-away line at the end of the track that needs further explanation.

Now here’s a few things I need to say urgently/
One, this record won’t ever sell a million/
Two, Little Richard thinks I look like Bob Dylan/
Three, Dan’s my bro, Kathy’s my mom/
Now you tell me what that has to do with this song

Alright John Reu, “Say What?”

Listen to John Reuben Below: