It was a decoy! The “Live Forever” music video featured a note that said an Artist Announcement was coming on January 22nd, welp, it came a day early and that artist is…Hulvey!

Many of you guessed correctly in the comments. You put the pieces together and saw that he’s been hard at work in the Reach Records studio. Back in October, we spoke to Hulvey at the A3C Light Work Event where he told us he had even moved to Atlanta to immerse himself with the label who had already signed him. Now finally, the day is here!

“Signing to Reach is such a God thing for me. I grew up listening to the Reach artists and their music made an impact on my life. I want to use this platform to glorify Christ and inspire people around the world to follow Him,” Hulvey told “I’ve always been an underdog so this is for the people that feel like they don’t have purpose. Through Christ, we have a call and a beautiful life that we get to live to glorify Him.”

Shout out to the young king and congratulations!

Listen to Hulvey Below: