Kay Sade kicks off the decade with a new EP entitled 111. The six-song project releases on Saturday, January 11th, marking what Sade notes as the anniversary of the start of TheKnuBlack’s disbandment and the beginning of the reimagining of her music. The title more abstractly represents rebirth and the oneness of God in the Trinity.

The opening track, “Intellitrap,” is reminiscent of TheKnuBlack’s debut song “QU.” As both songs were produced by BeatsCraze, it serves as an homage to the group and an emergence into Sade’s new sound. “Hey Arnold!,” a conversational piece produced by Ric & Thadeus, lightens the mood with colorful harmonies and a cheery bounce. The remaining songs, produced by Kay Sade, steer her listeners through the topics of boldness in Christ, submission to God’s will, hope after life’s storms and the knowledge that trusting in the Lord’s power can turn the tide of any situation and truly allow one to “soar on wings like eagles” (Isaiah 40:31).

Kay Sade

Kay Sade Track List:

1. Intellitrap
2. Hey Arnold!
3. X on Me
4. 111
5. A Still Small Voice
6. Space Jam