Josiah Davis dropped his double single “2020/Too Long” today. He had a lot to say about the tracks which can be read below.

“2020” is a song that I wrote with the intent of being a worship song. It’s a song about me kneeling before God, admitting my faults, and recognizing the beauty in confession. It’s really just me exalting Him over and over and thanking Him for remaining by my side through all of my hardships, specifically the seasonal depression I struggle with every winter. My hope with this track is that it be a song of worship for all those going through the same things I do.

“TOO LONG” is a song about battling temptation. The hook addresses how easily we realize the problems we have, but how long it takes us to confess and relieve ourselves of said problems. The verses tackle the love we all have of our own sin that as well as the detriment that it brings to our souls. They tackle the anger that comes from repeating the same sins over and over again. They tackle the power in speaking truth and life over those dark areas, and the message pairs really well with the redeeming and hopeful message of 2020.

I really feel like and pray that these songs can be an anthem for all those breaking free from the chains they find themselves bound by. For me, breaking free from depression and sexual addiction and lying were huge. All I want is for Christ to work through these tracks and influence others the same way He did me.

These are also partly in promotion and preparation for the second part of my October EP release “FATHER, GUIDE MY HANDS / one”… looking to release early Spring 2020.

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Listen to Josiah Davis Below:

Justin Sarachik

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