Is there any original thought left? Or are we left to comb over similarities until we find all creativity to be ripped off from someone else? One might ask these questions in light of the latest music video comparison that has some fans saying Future and Drake’s, “Life is Good” copied NF’s, “When I Grow Up.”

Both videos show the musicians doing an array of everyday jobs in their previous life. NF’s video shows him on a garbage truck and working at a drive-thru fast food restaurant. Future and Drake’s videos portray these same jobs plus more. 

To me there are two instances of comparison: both videos feature the artists at work at restaurants and as garbage workers, plus the part where Future is telling Drake he’s gonna be big in music. That part reminds me of when NF tries to hand his CD to people he works with and get them to listen to his music.

Maybe the garbage truck visual is reminiscent of NF’s video, but it’s pretty much a classic story for artists to show or talk about their come up. Lyrically, too these songs don’t have overlap. So, for me, I think it’s a stretch to say these videos are the same or even inspired. They share a general concept and that’s about it.

Check out the brief clip below:

What do you think? Did they copy NF?