5ive dropped a music video for “Light Shine” featuring Aye It’s Aron & Tammie Garza. Here’s what he had to say about the song:

9 years ago this 12-year cocaine and meth addict was sitting on a couch in the trap on the 7th day of a drug binge when I heard a voice say go to church. Nov. 7th, 2010 I walked into a church, I was broken, everyone had given up on me and I was Methed out of my mind. But I went to Church that morning expecting to meet with JESUS and boy did HE show up and show out.

I was instantly delivered that day. No rehab, No 12 steps, No withdrawals, and until this day I have not had one relapse or even thought of going back, JESUS delivered me. HE told me to show the world HIS grace, so when Paul Garza contacted me about writing a song for Victorious Frontline Ministries it was a no brainer.

I’m super proud of what he has been doing with the ministry the LORD has blessed him with. He is making a difference right where he is at and it is a beautiful thing!!!! This is what I was born to do, share my testimony, make CHRIST centered music and most of all Worship!

I pray that this song touches the ears of those who are searching for freedom but don’t quite know where to turn. I pray that every addict that hears this song will feel a shift in their spirit and that they would turn to JESUS for healing!

Watch 5ive Below: