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5 Brazilian Christian Rap Artists to Watch in 2020

The Brazilian Christian RAP scene goes through a moment of reformulation, after a period running outside the religious music scene (CCM). The loss of space over the years happened gradually due to the lack of support from the churches, investments, disinterest, market vision, and commitment on the part of the artists. But there were those who continued walking almost alone trying to reach those outside the church, following the example of Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Social Club, and NF. Some managed to blow the bubble.

Rapper Kivitz was one of those who successfully transitioned between CHH and secular RAP. There were also those who continued to spin the wheel in the rap world (in Brazil known as gospel rap): veterans Ao Cubo, L-ton, Fex Bandolero, and Lito Atalaia. One of the most popular rappers, Pregador Luo is returning to activities after being away for a while because of depression.

That time served for other names of the Christian RAP to appear on the radar. Spotify’s investment in the Christian (Catholic and Evangelical) segment of Brazil was also important for the public – and artists – to enter the digital world once and for all. In the country, consumption on streaming platforms among Christians is still small. But in 2020 there is a great expectation that the number will increase significantly. This is also the opportunity to consolidate the work of MCs that are gaining visibility, signing with record labels, standing out in playlists and in the number of views on Youtube. This is the case of Biorki, Samuel Shikoba, Yas Werneck, Abel, and Brunno Ramos.


In RAP since the 90s, Biorki was part of the extinct group Shekinah Rap, which gained prominence in the underground scene of Brazilian RAP in 2005, and of the band DigitalBomb. In 2018, he releases #simplicidade, his first solo album. Most recently, Biorki signed with Universal Music Christian Group. “Cristo Sarau” is the single that marks his debut on the label. This support will open up more avenues for the rapper to share his message with an even wider audience.

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Since Sai Fora Caim (Get Out Caim), his 2012 solo album, Abel has done consistent projects as a rapper and beatmaker, producing for Christian and secular artists. His last two singles “CONTRACORRENTE” and “Manifesto” reached privileged positions and remained highlighted in Spotify’s two main Christian playlists “Novidades Religiosas” (Religious News) and “Gospel Flow,” which is specific to CHH. In 2020, Abel can stand out even more for the simple and objective way that addresses issues related to the gospel and daily life. It may be that he also presents another album.

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Yas Werneck

One of the main female Christian rappers in Brazil, Yas Werneck is able to circulate in all musical environments, whether Christian or not. This can be confirmed by the inclusion of the song “Coméki” in the mixtape of the player Neymar Junior. Yas rhymes easy. It moves between the boom-bap and the trap without losing its own identity. It’s firm in the words. There is an expectation that she will release singles more often throughout the year and perhaps an EP or album.

Samuel Shikoba

With almost two years of career, having released the first single, “Agape,” in 2018, Samuel Shikoba is one of the representatives of the trap. Even with little time on the road, the MC has been featured in the main playlists and won an engaged audience. In 2020, Shikoba is expected to launch complete projects. This will be essential for your consolidation in Christian music.

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Brunno Ramos  

Another representative of the trap, Brunno Ramos accumulated more than 200 thousand streams on Spotify. The numbers are impressive due to his short career. With a few singles, Brunno is building his fan base. Some of his videos exceeded 500,000 plays on YouTube. In his lyrics, the rapper speaks of the reality of those who live on the periphery, of the blackness, dreams, and victories that he has conquered through faith.

Have you heard of any of these Brazilian Christian rap artists? Let us know who you’ll be checking for!

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Written by Adailton Moura

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