YP aka Young Paul released Warfare and it is real and every day we’re amongst this spiritual battle. Death was defeated by Jesus is the implication.

“We at war with three enemies. The world, demons, and ourselves’,” said YP.

The first 3 singles of the album, “Warfare” were released in June, July, and August of 2019. Titled “Seasons Change,” “Captain Planet” (ft. DJ Morph), and “No Words” (ft. S.O.S.) & has been made available on all digital platforms.

Also, YP recently released a free mixtape titled Give Me A Minute Vol.1 that has also been made available for FREE on Sound Cloud.

YP aka Young Paul Track list Below:

1. Warfare Intro (prod. by Tae Lamar)
2. War ft. Francois (prod. by Tae Lamar)
3. Captain Planet ft. DJ Morph (prod. Tae Lamar)
4. Trust Me (prod. By Tae Lamar
5. Seasons Change (prod. by Tae Lamar)
6. Spartans ft. Conceptz & DJ Morph (prod. By Tae Lamar)
7. Love Is Life (prod. Tae Lamar)
8. No Words ft. SOS (prod. By Tae Lamar)
9. Light The Room (prod. By. Tae Lamar)

YP aka Young Paul has 17 projects under his belt, 13 mixtapes, one EP, and 3 LP’s. His 2014 mixtape alongside DJ Wade-O, Da Proclamation, is when things really started moving for YP. This set the stage for his 2017 release of his debut album God Forgives, which again was his first full-length LP and is available everywhere. YP has also collaborated with some of the most respected emcees in this genre such as Eshon Burgundy, Datin, R-Swift, Selah The Corner, Th3 Saga, and more.

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